A Historical Novel by Joost Douma

Cornelia is a rare historical novel that recounts the life of the Gracchi brothers and the demise of the Republic through the reflections of a woman, Cornelia Africana: mother of the Gracchi brothers, and a woman at the zenith of power and influence. Cornelia was the daughter of the famous Scipio Africanus, the man who defeated Hannibal.

Having survived her husband – one of Rome’s most powerful men who died when she was 40 years old – Cornelia became one of the most influential women of the Republic. In her final years, an aging Cornelia looks back on her life and that of her sons who tried, unsuccessfully, to save the Republic.

Based on history, this moving and powerful account by a proud, saddened matrona vividly captures the struggles of the young revolutionaries and the dissolution of the Republic. The story that unfolds is doubly compelling for the parallels it suggests for superpower politics today.


Buy the Book on Amazon, Bol.com or publisher Van Gruting





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